Happy Birthday envato

Happy 15th Birthday


My Envato Journey


Proud Moment

I'm Hardik Patel, a Web Designer & Developer

I am from India. I started my career as a web designer in IT company. There my senior designer was looking theme & templates in themeforest for new & creative inspiration. At that time I was working on the OpenCart project. So then, I thought why not make my own theme and start selling it in themeforest. It inspired me to create my theme.

Then, I started working on it at home after office hours and Harnish Design was founded in 2012. and then, Finally my first opencart theme was approved after 6 rejections. This is how I worked for 1 year with the job. At that time I used to work 12 to 14 hours a day in total.

After that my theme started selling well. then, I started working full time at envato market and quit job from IT company. It was the turning point of my life to change my life. Since then till today I haven't looked back. Today, what could be a greater proud moment than having been a part of the Envato community for more than 9 years. Thanks to envato for giving me a great opportunity.


Hardik Patel





Envato Profile:

Harnish Design




First Milestone

I was very happy that day. When I finally reached author level 8 and become elite author on envato market, we get reward and the proven badges. For me it’s incredible feel happiness and satisfaction. I have proud of it. I could not even dream about it!

And also, after a few days received the wonderful my elite care package. It was awesome. I was surprised to receive my care pack that day as I was not expecting it to arrive that soon from receiving my level 8. So I was pretty excited!

Got a lot of cool stuff, in particular this australian spread called vegemite. For those unaware, it has a reputation for having an intense flavor to say the least. I got 2 TimTam, vegemite, a coffee cup, notebook, pen, flashdisk, and elite author t-shirt. - Thank you envato for the gift!.

See Changed My Life

My Life

Envato has completely changed my life -

I was not able to spend time with my life partner after marriage, at that time I was working in IT company. It went on like this for 1-2 years. That life seemed a bit tiring. Because then there was workload in the office.

After that, I started working full time at envato market and quit job from IT company. It was the turning point of my life to change my life. Now I can work on my own time. and I don't have a boss. This is one of the great benefits of working with Envato. Due to which my life has become very beautiful and I am enjoying it with my family.

You can see me & my happy family in the picture. Thanks to Envato for providing the best platform to do easy work and lead a good life.

See My Dreams Have Come True

My Dreams

A postive attitude can realy make dreams come true
- It did for me.

My two dreams come true so quickly that I could not believe it. That time was very exciting! Perhaps, if I hadn't been paired with Envato at that time, my dream wouldn't have come true so soon. It might not even be complete.

My Dream House

The end of the earth means home, home is something that is very important for a family. There is no family without a proper home. A person is lucky to have a house which he calls home. Naturally there is a lot of joy in buying and living in a new home for the family. Having a home is one of the basic necessities of life.

A heartfelt thank you to Envato for making my dream of building a new home a reality.

See One More My Dreams Have Come True

My Dream House

My Dream Car

My Dream Car

One more my dreams have come true. I had a childhood dream that one day I would grow up to buy my own car with my own hard earned money. I think, my dream without envato wouldn't have come true so soon.

A big thank you so much to Envato for helping making my dream car a reality.

Believe in your dreams, One day all hard work will pay off.

And a big thank you to Envato for creating such an amazing marketplace that could change my life. Everyone here is so blessed.