Simplica – Free OpenCart theme

Simplica free opencart theme is compatible with the latest OpenCart and if, You are start your online store with OpenCart eCommerce platform. So, Simplica is best theme for clean, moderns and creative your shop. Theme Overview Compatible with OpenCart version and Clean and Simple theme Fully Responsive Multi-Purpose Support all Major [...]

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How to set layout position of module in OpenCart 2

Hey guys, OpenCart 2 has been officially released, So, Here, I have be pointing out differences between OpenCart 1.5 and 2.0 for select module layout position feature. OpenCart supports various Modules which allows you to choose various features that best suit your needs. Go to Extensions > Modules First of all you have to install [...]

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How to create and add manufacturers in OpenCart

To insert, edit, delete manufacturer, Go to Catalog » Manufacturers using administrator navigation menu. Click on the “Insert” button on the top right corner of the page. Enter the basic Manufacturer information such as Manufacturer Name, Stores and SEO Keywords. Below, you can set the "SEO keyword". The SEO Keyword is important for the proper [...]

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How to Setup Payment Methods in OpenCart

OpenCart supports various payment gateways which allow you to choose the payment processor that best suits your needs. Once you select the payment processor and registered an account with it, you need to enable a payment module in your OpenCart ecommerce online store to start accepting payments from your customers. To add or enable a [...]

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How can I manage Category in OpenCart?

To insert, edit, delete a product category in OpenCart, Go to Catalog » Categories using administrator navigation menu.   Click on the “Insert” button on the top right corner of the page. OpenCart gives you three different tabs such as general, data, and design. In General tab, enter the basic category information such as category [...]

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What is the most common interface process for OpenCart admin?

Inserting (add) data You will see insert option in top right corner above data table. Insert option will allow you to enter data. Deleting (remove) data You will see delete option in top right corner above data table. Delete option will allow you to delete data permanently. To delete one or more data, choose data [...]

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